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Shooting atop the Mountains

"I dont like the cold!"
mountain service advertising night horska sluzba

Remember my last post? I know I sound a bit silly now but I've always wanted to add snowy mountains into my portfolio. I'd prefer to do it when the temperature is 15+ Celsius, however.... you know how it is.

Having that though in mind I reached to local Mountain Service office with proposal to make advertising images for them if they help me with transportation and logistics. Who could say no?! Exactly....

Everything went beautifully, We've arrived 2 hours before the actual sunset and started scouting possible locations (I've had 3 in my mind that we've pieced together beforehand)

The servicemen that I was about to take picture of should arrive in 1 hour, but....the weather did not cooperate, I hoped for a dramatic sunset however the clouds were so thick that I immediately knew it won't work. I decided to wait for the blue hour (after sunset where there's still enough light) to capture the subject in action and helping them pop out with a bit of flash imitating the lights of an ATV. Then little compositing which went smoothly thanks to the fact that the subjects were in fact in the same spot in the same lighting conditions and whoala.

Also check the buildout process below.


Behind the scenes photos: