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Headshot Session - Zeny sro

"to pick this picture or this one, that is the question"

Now I've clarified why I enjoy shooting headshots in first ever blog post that I've made so check it out HERE

This job was also a result of hard work, firstly on mine - honing my craft and on my (you've guessed it) wife's who contacted relevant people that could use headshots.

Photographs DO SELL - who say's they are not they are pulling their socks

Politicians, actors, management. If you are about to go to a meeting with somebody you don't know, if you have the opportunity to check them out chances are you're going to do it.

If you are voting for somebody there's better chance you will give to someone with genuine smile

Portrait photographers can select the props, wardrobe and location to help telling the story, but if you have only someone's face to work with? That is the challenge! And if you are shooting an employee that doesn't really want their headshot taken that's a challenge! Whether it's because of a bad experience they've had - and this happens a lot. I've had a lot of people coming to me with head full of questions no photographer ever answered. When I shoot I am the one in charge and keeping the subject busy and giving him directions. Ženy sro (Women ltd) made this video so check it out:

Behind the scenes photos: 



my next blog post will be about headshot retouching so stay tuned