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Portfolio Week | Pt. 1 - France

When I got the call from a client in France that in a few days we will start our architecture shoot I already had a plan to focus on making newer pieces to add to my potfolio after the job is done. That's why I've chosen to come to France by a car. Plan was simple - shoot in as many locations in a short period of time. In the end we visited and shot in 4 countries - France, Monaco, Italy and Austria - 3500km in total.

It took us 13 hours to get to our destination and by the way by Us I mean Me, my wife and my friend Tom who agreed to help us manage the digital stuff - digital tech basically.
 We spent day and a half on location in a beatiful villa on the southern coast of France.

Few of the final images


In the next weeks I am gonna unveil the adventures we've encountered on our way and some behind the scenes of course.

Behind the scenes photos.

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