jiri lizler.


Portfolio Week | Pt. 3 - Monte Carlo

"The shoot in France took us 2 days, after we've wrapped it up it was time to head to Italy but we've had to stop somewhere first."


Okay, everybody knows Monaco is expensive, that is the first thing that comes to everybody's mind, after my visit my first thought will be the stairs! It took insane amount of stairs since the city itself is built on the hillside. My legs hurt me when I think back on this visit, BUT it was worth it.

   There is nothing really crazy that went into making this image. I've had a few places in mind that I've scouted on the internet prior to coming to Monte Carlo. We've visited all of them, but on my way from first spot to the second there was this one-way street that made me stop - the light, how it iluminated the trees and the city, it was perfect! Believe it or not, the backplate is not a composite at all. Only the subject was shot back in Czech Republic - on very similiar road with the same light and that's it!

Also make sure you've seen the video from the trip: