jiri lizler.


Portfolio Week | Pt. 2 - Cinque Terre

"I knew that when I go to Italy Cinque Terre is one of the must shoot in spots. "

As with all my outdoor shoots heavy research was involved. Where to park? How to get there? When to be there. Is the landscape looking better in the golden light or will blue hour look better? How's the weather?

Here was my plan that I've made 1 week prior.

Due to limited time I had to spend in Cinque Terre I had to decide where to shoot - I was deciding between Vernazza, Manarola and Riomaggiore. In the end I decided to go with Manarola in the blue hour light.


Manarola is one of the places that tourist visits often but photographers even more. That is a problem since me, unlike travel photographers like to capture how the scenery affects the people in it. Landscape photographer's don't do it.

 Photographers cause a lot of problems to me because they stay on the spot for much longer period of time than normal tourists. The railing you see in the image is 95% of time occupied either by tourists or photographers who wait for the perfect light. How do you battle that?

 You wait... I've set upmy position on the end of the cliff. I shoot my pictures in pieces. Left, right, sky, subject, foreground atc... With that in mind I was shooting for 5 hours on the same spot. Cold weather, wind and people asking me every minute to take a picture of them! I also lend my ND(that I am not using for these types of images) to two Japanese girls that were shooting nearby, and also gave them few advices , yay!.

 Everytime a piece of railing was free I shot it (I was very lucky because the sun was sometimes behind some very thick clouds which gave me same light quality as in the blue hour. In the final image I've used the images from earlier evening and color corrected them in capture one to match those in the blue hour - result is identical but without the people.


Behind the scenes photos.

Here's a quick video summarizing whole week: