jiri lizler.


Marketing Materials

"everything that I do is to pursue a simple goal, when a client is thinking about a new image I've got to be the first one who comes to their mind"

I take my promotion seriously, when it comes to art every artist at first struggles to be seen, it is natural because in modern digital age we're being bombarded from every direction by thousands of images. But how to beat it?

 I don't believe in succesful stories of kids being miraculously picked by an art buyer when they've seen their work in social media. I am instead attacking every sense of my clients. I am sending hundreds of email every week, following by a small printed portfolio right in their mail. Then I follow up with a phone call - every single information is hand picked - no databases - that's right.

I am going through all this effort to get face to face with them and present myself in my natural way, all in hope that one day when they have a project coming up they will think of me FIRST.

Here's a little longer video where I am going through my promotional materials: