jiri lizler.


Cinemagraph - Advertising for the future?

Quality of the still image with something moving inside to catch the viewer just a bit longer - exciting!

Whenever I am creating a new image for a client to use for their marketing I try to bring something new into the mix to help catch the eye of the viewer. I always focus on the composition to help guide to eye to look when I want them to look and on the light to set the mood and to convey the right feeling the viewer should feel. It's not always easy but it's always rewarding and there is always something new to try and learn.


So when the technology allowed photographers to combine the quality of a still image and a video I got excited! Thing I don't like video is mostly the quality that comes out of it (not comparing capabilities of RED,ARRI atc btw) But to use only a certain piece of the video and rest have the quality of the photograph - that's a revolution!

What's the best part? No matter what you shoot whether it be Architectural Photography, Advertising or Editorial - there is always a place to add Cinemagraph to your toolbox.

Feel free to check our gallery to check more stuff - we are trying to add more alright?!