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Next Level CGI - Combining High Speed Action with CGI


"I love challenges, especially when it's a low risk high reward scenario. This is exactly the case"

As I stated many times over - my heart is mainly driven towards conceptual lifestyle imagery, but to know a bit of everything never hurts, with christmas knocking at my door and some free time that I can spend experimenting, I would be a fool not to try it out.

When I heard that my friend from Inkoust Tattoo Lukáš Poláček is opening a shoe laundry in Prague (seriously how cool is that?!) I had to step in. Lukáš did not even plan to use me for promotional materials at first. So I got in touch with him and proposed a simple idea - let's shoot and clean shoe and shoot high speed action where dirt and liquids are flying everywhere, simple studio backdrop and that's it. He loved the idea, BUT....

    Where is the CGI in this right? On my way home I got struck by an idea to raise the bar even higher and make the shoes stand on an ancient pillar. So we called in a few museums and asked whether it's possible for us to throw liquids on some ancient pillars - they were thrilled and we agreed...That's it. On a serious note - we obviously had to find a 3D model that looked right. There was a LOT of cooooool ones. But I have picked the one that still looks cool but it does not draw as much attention.

In my work I always start with un-movable parts - in my conceptual lifestyle work its the landscape. Here I knew I can change the camera for the CGI element so we made the studio setup to light the shoes the best we could. I chose a surface that was the closest we could get.

BTS - Setup

After the shoes there was a time to make a mess, and it was A mess.

After 20 hours of rendering CGI element I just assembled the pieces and voilá. Here is the gallery of all final images.

Final Images
Behind the scenes photos:

BTS video

sorry for the quality but my VHS camcorder had some issues that day....

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