jiri lizler.


Microsoft - Corporate Portraits

"Recently I had the pleasure to be selected to shoot profile pictures of Microsoft employees in Prague as a part of their benefit program"

Goal was simple - shoot 40 people in 3 days - first 2 days it was 16 and last day 8.

25 minutes for each of them - makeup and coaching altogether only to get 1 final image for them to use - confident yet approachable.

This plan proved to be quite a challenge - mostly mental. Shooting 16 people a day, getting them relaxed is always a game of judgement - these are not models (most of them are not looking forward to standing in front of a camera). At the end of the day I was a drained husk.

However when I am looking at the final images now I feel happy.

I also had to include few images into my own portfolio - these however are not what I call confident yet approachable. In the past few months I started gravitating towards more interesting expressions - everyone can identify with someone smiling in the picture. Images below are expressions that got me thinking - what is this person thinking?


My selects:



Some behind the scenes: