jiri lizler.


Shooting The National Museum

Now I am pretty young, so when if someone had asked me how the national museum looked like 10 years ago I would probably only guessed and had to look at some retro image to get an idea.

But I recall this one moment when I was going from another shoot with my wife Lucy and sun was setting, reconstruction of The National Museum was almost done, there were just a few fences around it but as the sun was striking it’s walls it looked stunning! We got in touch with the management team and who would have guessed, they needed an image.


As you can see above I had to improvise a little, 1-point perspective was not on point because of the lack of vantage points i could stand on (something that I corrected about 2months after)

Not only that but there was still fencing around and the sidewalks were not finished also. Something that I did not want to correct in post.

It still got used on some materials and received praise.


We also experimented with blending some of the old photographs with our recently taken.

2-3 months after when I was going to another job it was October 29th - 1 day after national anniversary. My wife and I were passing around the museum and it looked AMAZING. So while I was shooting a gig I was already making plans to shoot the museum again, just the idea of shooting it properly this time was haunting me that whole day. 2 Days after I woke up at 3am and drove to the location…


it was worth it…