jiri lizler.


On Location - Qatar - Behind the Scenes


"When I first received the brief from YR agency in Qatar I knew immediately that I am the one for the job, and after a few days when the phone rang and I heard that I was awarded the job I think I fainted"


    Some say that composite photography isn't photography. To those I always say that camera isn't the same as your eye either. I use composites to solve problems and make life and production easier - with that said I try to make as much in camera as possible. However I try not to think about the technical side as much as about the content (content is king).


I am not going to lie, shooting in the desert is wonderful, spectacular and shoot bad images there seems impossible. Back at the hotel in the evening I created some of the backplates for the images - that's how good the images were! Amazing. There is also the negative side of 50 degrees celsius outside and wind blowing sand into your equipment, eyes atc. but I tend to forget these things...

When there is a lot of moving pieces you need somebody to handle that and luckily we had Resolution films that leveraged a lot of weight off my shoulders so huge shoutout to them ;)


Final Images:


Behind the scenes: