jiri lizler.


Going with the Wave

"what am i even doing? that is the question"

I am not a marketing guy, I know the importance of that aspect and I highly respect the people that can do it well. Luckily for me my wife who's also my partner in crime does it amazingly so I can stick to child games and of course, to focus on creating art.

 I am convinced that I have the best job in the world. I don't have a Porsche, but I have the possibility to what I love and get paid for it.

Few minutes ago I suprisingly changed my mind and made the blog, it's one of those things that suddenly come to ones mind and you just do them. I have this kind of thinking lately.

Now I am from Czech Republic where I live, so why say it in english? I feel that I can express my thoughts better this way (if you pardon the grammar mistakes of course), that is the problem of my generation, or is it advantage?

I've made this blog post to clear my mind and give you some insight what my work is about. I will try to post behind the scenes videos as often as possible. But sometimes the image speaks a thousand words...

As you probably noticed I am tore in a few genres of photography. Here's why:

  • My soul is overjoyed when new project comes up and it involves soaking up the atmosphere that a place gives me, presenting it then comes naturally and in the end of the day before I go to sleep I can re-live the moment with a simple look on the final image

  • When shooting Advertising I always want the subject to play the part, I want to mold their faces - that's my portraiture (headshots, you may have recognized Peter Hurley's style, it's simple and damn beautiful - So I can focus on people rather than the light.) Not want to boast but I am also the only one Associate in Czech Republic, YAY!

  • I am the part of a BEER nation! Glass everywhere! Plus a bonus I get to taste the best booze in the world! Now seriously, I sometimes like to be in control of everything which is not always possible when shooting outside or people. But in my studio I am the king. I get to choose the setting and the light, plus the glass doesn't moan when it's tired!
  • Architecture/Interior - I detested my advertising work indoors and I simply wanted it to be damn beautiful! Trial and error and whoala, now I feel my advertising and my architecture portfolio play a symphony together that makes even stronger impact. Plus many hotels want Advertising shots aswell.

Now to end this post with a toast