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Shooting in Sri Lanka - and a marketing bonus!

"Tropical paradise in the heart of winter, hah!"
sri lanka beach advertising

Last year my hard work finally brought a result that made my heart almost stop, shooting in Sri Lanka in the middle of December? Why not! I've always hated the winter and snow so this was a great way to escape that and warm up my bones. So I've packed my gear, got on a plane with my wife/assistant and a producer to help me manage things. Here's the video.

Marketing - don't rely on contacts alone

My opinion is there isn't much to say about this job but that would be a lie. These dream advertising jobs doesn't come by themselves. I'm gonna tell you something you may have probably heard before. Working as a freelancer is about contacts, well... You've got to start somewhere. I did! As a guy living in the mountains I've always dreamt of tropical paradises that I would add to my portfolio. So I bought 3 flights to Sri Lanka - YES, without any contract at all...

I then asked the best woman in my life (not my mum) to get me a list of all the hotels in Sri Lanka a launched first email blast, because of the laws in my country we've done everything manually. Few hotels got back, let's say 1%. that's the average percentage that reacts to your emails, now don't get me wrong, I've had cases that somebody reached out to me because of an email they got a year ago!

After the second email blast I've had somebody interested in my services and you can see the result in the video above. Now this of course required an insane amount of belief and courage on the client's side. I've had a strong portfolio attached to all the emails that I've sent that I believe helped alot. One similiar to this one:

Now fast forward few months I have a contact that is even stronger!

Let me know if you enjoy these kind of posts!

in the next post I am going to share my winter adventure