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Personal Work - Book Covers

"You always judge a book by the cover, when I got the mail from big computer company whose products we've all used at some point that I wasn't selected for the job I was disappointed - mildly put. I knew that I was the best for the job but I've known for quite a while that my portraiture portfolio could use some fresh images"

Two sides of one person - I feel like this theme was visited millions of times before but yet I kind of felt that that's what I want to do.

First one in the series is Tattoo- up above you can see the final result. Model is Lukáš Poláček from Inkoust.me tattoo studio. Biggest studio in Czech Republic.

Huge thanks to Petra Soukupová for this amazing cover up.

Quite the difference huh?


Spoilers ahead! 

In the end I got the job for the company that had started this project. Crazy right?


Behind the scenes photos:

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